Mlekarna Celeia without GMOs

The first producer in Slovenia to hold the »Produced/manufactured GMO free« certificate

  • tradition;
  • innovation and creativity;
  • environmental attitudes;
  • safe food; and
  • the satisfaction of consumers, buyers and milk producers.

These are the reasons we became the first dairy in Slovenia to produce and process all its products free of genetically modified organisms and to hold the »Produced/manufactured GMO free« certificate i.e. standard.

The »Produced/manufactured GMO free« certificate

The Institute for Control and Certification (IKC) of the University of Maribor has developed a private standard »Produced/manufactured GMO free« which enables a controlled system of certification, from the production of raw materials to the end food product.

The following participate in the certification system:

  • feed mixing plants;
  • suppliers of soybeans and other basic ingredients which are not genetically modified;
  • shops and co-operatives which warehouse, sell and distribute feed that can be questionable due to content and/or contamination with GMOs;
  • food-processing plants and their subcontractors (collaborators - farmers); and
  • agricultural holdings which directly sell »Produced/manufactured GMO free« labelled food.

By complying with the standard farmers, producers and the food industry build consumers’ confidence in their products.

Certified food products bear the mark:


The following certified food products are eligible for the »Produced/manufactured GMO free« mark:

  • milk and dairy products;
  • meat and meat products;
  • eggs; and
  • other food products made with soybeans, corn and rapeseed or containing these ingredients.

By offering products »Produced/manufactured GMO free« Mlekarna Celeia ensures a higher level of food safety to its customers. We wish to raise awareness among our customers of the quality of the food they consume as we believe they prefer healthy products.

For more information about the certification please read the website of the Institute for Control and Certification of the University of Maribor. 

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