Presentation of the Company

Today’s image of Mlekarna Celeia is a modern dairy with environmentally-friendly technology and a product programme which follows global trends.

The dairy sells its own products under the umbrella brand name ZELENE DOLINE (Green Valleys). The brand covers a broad range of product lines.


Company history


The beginnings date back to the period during World War 2 when a small industrial plant in the centre of the town of Celje started bottling milk. In 1962 the dairy moved to a larger production plant in Medlog near Celje where the daily processing capacity was 20,000 litres of milk. In 1979 the dairy was joined by a cheese dairy in Šmarje.

There was a growing need to expand so a new location for the dairy had to be found. In 1984 the production plant was moved to an idyllic setting – the village Arja vas near Petrovče. For economic reasons, the cheese dairy was moved from Šmarje to Arja vas and the cheese production line underwent modernisation and automation. Mlekarna Celeia thereby became the largest and highest-automated producer of semi-hard cheeses in Slovenia.

In terms of legal status and organisation, the publicly-owned company was reorganised in the early 1990s into the limited liability company “Hmezad Celeia, mlekarstvo, sirarstvo in čebelarstvo” (dealing in dairy, cheese dairy and apiculture activities), and became a company with known owners. In October 1995 it was renamed “Mlekarna Celeia, mlekarstvo in sirarstvo d.o.o.” (dealing in dairy and cheese dairy activities) and still has that name today. In 1998 the Company completed its investment in modernisation, increased the capacity of the filling machines for fermented products as well as the cheese cutting and packing line.

The investment cycle continued in the following years:

  • 2006 – purchase of a machine for filling carton packaging with a lid or without one;
  • 2007 – automation of the collection, sampling and analysing of fresh milk in the field;
  • 2007 – a new state-of-the-art heat exchanger was introduced in the pasteurisation process during which milk is heated to 74 °C to destroy microorganisms that may be harmful to human health, and then cooled to the desired temperature of 4 or 6 °C;
  • 2007 – automated typisation of milk which ensures that the quantity of fat removed from milk is suitable for individual products;
  • 2008 – increased capacity of the ageing tanks for plain yogurts, sour cream and Mileram after the production process, and increased warehousing capacities;
  • 2009 – modernisation of the pasteurisation process, the filling line, the warehouse as well as the wastewater treatment equipment. These projects were co-financed using SAPARD pre-accession aid and the EAGGF structural fund. 

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