The Company’s activity

Statistical classification: G/ 15.510 Milk processing and preservation

The core business activity of Mlekarna Celeia d.o.o. includes:

  • the purchase, collection and processing of milk for consumption;
  • the production of various fermented products (plain and fruit yogurts, dessert yogurts, probiotic LCA yogurts, drinks, sweet cream and sour cream etc.);
  • the production of semi-hard cheeses;
  • the production of butter, whey concentrate etc.; and
  • merchandising.

The dairy sells its own products under the umbrella brand name ZELENE DOLINE (Green Valleys). The brand covers a broad range of product lines. The products bear an oval mark SI M-142 ES which guarantees consumers that they meet the strictest criteria prescribed by the veterinary regulations in Slovenia. The latter are in accordance with EU quality standards. The Company’s fundamental value is quality.

Besides its own brand name, the dairy also produces dairy products under different trademarks.

The Company also markets purchased merchandise, i.e. the dairy products of other producers, so as to round off its bids in public tenders. In past years, the Company also marketed a deep-frozen product line which was later terminated.

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