We can all be an artist in the kitchen

It is difficult to imagine a healthy and appetising lunch without fresh produce from nature. Dairy products add a fuller and characteristically home-style taste to meals.

Butter, cream or Mileram can put the dot on the ‘i’ for many vegetable risottos and stews, whereas they are indispensible in baking, along with cottage cheese and milk. And how about pancakes and cottage cheese? Perhaps a cottage cheese pie with fruit and a spoon of whipped cream? Nature allows all of us to be an artist in the kitchen.
Enjoy the art of cooking in the company of excellent ZELENE DOLINE products.

ZELENE DOLINE cottage cheese, which is made with Slovenian milk, has high protein content, is easily digested and suitable for a variety of delectable and healthy dishes. Together with fresh fruit, it becomes an exquisite, vitamin-packed dessert. Add in fresh herbs and sour cream and it turns into a healthy spread for breakfast.

ZELENE DOLINE Mileram has an evenly thick and solid texture and is characterised by a mildly sour flavour. It can be added to home-made mushroom soup or to enrich different sauces. It is also essential in home-made cakes like aromatic tarragon cake.

ZELENE DOLINE fresh butter is a typical dairy product made with pasteurised cream. In the past, it was only produced in small quantities. Butter was a very highly valued and expensive food that only the wealthiest could afford. Today, it has become a must-have food in any home refrigerator.

ZELENE DOLINE sweet cream excels in its pleasant velvety flavour, solid texture and homeliness. Sweet cream is a vital ingredient of delicious cakes and pastry fillings and is a sinfully sweet addition to coffee, fruit nectar or hot chocolate. Did you know that cream must first be cooled and then whipped?

Full-fat non-homogenised ZELENE DOLINE milk is a natural source of calcium and has become a staple of many kitchens. Its characteristic mild flavour pleases children and adults alike. Since ZELENE DOLINE milk need not be boiled it is perfect for a fast and healthy breakfast in combination with the cereal flakes and fruit of your liking. It is an essential ingredient of delicious pancakes or a simple complement to a cup of coffee.

How creative are YOU in the kitchen?

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