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In the next few years Mlekarna Celeia plans to connect up all of its fresh milk suppliers within the Milky Way (Mlečna cesta) project. The project will encompass more than 1,000 exclusively Slovenian farms which are also included in Mlekarna Celeia's traceability system. Through the website and the Izvor by Origin Trail mobile application, buyers can trace the origin of the raw materials used in Zelene Doline products, right back to the farm which produced the milk.

Food self-sufficiency, with support for products of domestic origin, is vital for Slovenia because it not only strengthens the local economy and revives Slovenian rural areas but also brings a quality choice to buyers of milk and dairy products.

Mlečna Cesta Mlekarne Celeia: Izvor mleka

Four farms, four different stories, four elements of the Milky Way medley. The Rakun farm from Trnava near Gomilsko, along with those of Lukman from Tabor, Satler from Polzela and Pečečnik from Arnač are just a small yet extremely proud part of the milk suppliers of Mlekarna Celeia. Some of them view their farm as a technologically advanced company with plenty of room for family bonds. Others consider their farm as a place of true coexistence with nature, animals and their living community. What they all have in common is their commitment to both the production of high-quality milk for Mlekarna Celeia and the guidelines of the GMO Free certificate – free of genetically modified organisms. The certificate warrants that the animals used for milking are not fed with plants and feed mixtures made from genetically modified organisms. Any additives in the making of food products are also free of genetically modified organisms. In autumn, Mlekarna Celeia will bring together the four mentioned farms in the Milky Way project as well as other farms – in fact, more than 1,000 of them.

Mlekarna Celeia is the first Slovenian dairy to offer its buyers the possibility to trace the origin of the milk contained in Zelene Doline brand products on the Internet and via a mobile application. This means that buyers can trace the basic raw material, i.e. fresh milk, from its origin on a farm to the shelf. The place of origin is either a purchase station, a farm or a collection site, which is followed by the acceptance of milk in the dairy, processing in the production process and warehousing. The last link in the chain is the sale of dairy products to buyers.

“The traceability process ensures knowledge of the origin of fresh milk and the tracing of milk based on precisely and prudently defined control points throughout the production process. Using this method, Mlekarna Celeia can at any time determine the origin of the fresh milk used in an individual batch of Zelene Doline products. Thus, through direct communication, we are building our buyers’ trust in the Zelene Doline brand. We have become the first company in Slovenia to also make the information on traceability available to our buyers,” said Marjan Jakob, General Manager of Mlekarna Celeia, about traceability.

The origin can be checked on the website by entering the product’s EAN Barcode and the best before date. Another option for tracking the origin is the Izvor by Origin Trail mobile application which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store web stores. The EAN Barcode on the product is scanned with the mobile application and the product’s best before date is entered. Based on these input data, the buyer receives basic information about the product as well as a table of the dairy product’s nutritional values and benefits. Moreover, the application provides access to information about the farm which produced the milk.

By interconnecting farms, agricultural co-operatives and Mlekarna Celeia in the Milky Way, the dairy will strengthen the reputation of local food products. In its work, the dairy strives to meet its buyers’ expectations as they are increasingly paying attention to the quality and origin of their food. Knowledge about the origin of raw materials used in the production process has been gaining in importance. The Zelene Doline products from Mlekarna Celeia in Arja vas are produced exclusively from Slovenian milk and are free of genetically modified organisms.

As Mlekarna Celeia strives to cater to the needs of its buyers, it has also established links across the Slovenian border so as to be able to offer a wide variety of dairy products. Despite limited space and production-technological restrictions, it can offer the market products such as long-lasting milk and long-lasting whipping cream of the Zelene Doline brand. These two products are packaged by the Croatian PIK dairy and made exclusively from Slovenian milk. The Zelene Doline liquid yogurts in the PET packaging are the result of Slovenian and Austrian know-how which is applied during the production in the Berglandmilch dairy. Both business partners which help us satisfy the market demand for such products are committed to production without genetically modified organisms. Each Zelene Doline product that is sold brings Mlekarna Celeia closer to realising its planned development investments that will ultimately enable the dairy to produce all of its Zelene Doline products in Arja vas.

Read more about the origin of Zelene Doline products at where the milk suppliers of Mlekarna Celeia are interconnected in the Milky Way.

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