The new “Dairy Queen” is Eva Keržič

On 30 March 2012 the 5th Dairy Queen of Zelene Doline of Slovenia was crowned in Laško in the heart of Slovenia.

Raising awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition

The Dairy Queen of Zelene Doline of Slovenia is not just another beauty queen. She has a much more important role to play, namely raising awareness about healthy nutrition which also includes high-quality dairy products.


Eva’s likable character and broad knowledge convinced us to entrust her with the role of Dairy Queen. She will proactively continue the work and mission of her predecessor:

  • to encourage people to regularly consume Slovenian dairy products;
  • to raise awareness about the importance of healthy nutrition;
  • to actively promote the consumption of Slovenian milk and Slovenian dairy products; and
  • to inform people about the quality of domestic, Slovenian milk.

mlecna kraljica

A third-year student of International Relations

The 21-year-old Eva Keržič from Vodice went to the Vodice Primary School and then to the Vič Upper Secondary School in Ljubljana. She pursued her studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, in the field of International Relations, and is now completing the third year.
She comes from a family of five that lives on a farm in the Gorenjska region; besides breeding animals they also cultivate land and manage forests. They produce corn, wheat and rapeseed. Eva participates in all chores on the farm, including the making of yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese for the family's own dinner table.
Already as a secondary school student she volunteered for Unicef Slovenia and also helped organise activities for children in the Municipality of Vodice. In her leisure time she enjoys working with children and she also volunteered as a teacher in the Children’s Resort in Pacug. Eva enjoys running and singing and is also an excellent cook.

A prestigious crown from Zlatarna Celje

The crown, which is an artistic work made by the hands of the master goldsmiths of Zlatarna Celje, was formally bestowed on the current Dairy Queen by her predecessor Vesna Črepinšek. It is a symbol of prestige as every tip is embellished with a pearl symbolising: reputation, health, quality, loyalty and trust.


Milk white

The Dairy Queen of Zelene Doline of Slovenia represents the country, Slovenian milk and the dairy products of Slovenian dairies. Therefore, she wears a white gown symbolising dairy products and the purity of nature, whereas the green details symbolise the natural riches of Slovenia and its picturesque rural landscape which must be preserved so as to preserve jobs in the Slovenian agriculture and food industry.


The gown of the new Dairy Queen, skilfully combining the snow white and grass green colours, was designed by Slovenian fashion designer Maja Ferme who has been recognised at home and abroad and been awarded for her creations on many occasions.


The keys of Chevrolet Spark

The current Dairy Queen was presented with a Chevrolet Spark passenger vehicle for the period of one year.
We wish Eva every success in pursuing her mission,
Mlekarna Celeia 

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