We process Slovenian milk

Mlekarna Celeia products from its production facility in Arja vas are made with milk purchased in Slovenia.

Slovensko mleko

In a world of green valleys and mountains, diligent farmers’ hands provide for the development of the countryside and the growth of farms. With their love and respect for nature, they play an important role in developing the Slovenian milk processing industry and actively contribute to the quality of ZELENE DOLINE dairy products.

Agricultural co-operatives from which Mlekarna Celeia purchases fresh milk

The top three agricultural co-operatives in 2011:

  • Koroška kmetijsko-gozdarska zadruga, z.b.o.; 25,466,654 litres
  • Kmetijska zadruga Šmarje, z.o.o.; 11,639,954 litres
  • Kmetijska zadruga Šmarje, z.o.o.; 10,112,773 litres

slovensko mleko
Caption: From left to right: Andreja Tot (Šaleška dolina Co-operative), Vinko But (Šmarje Co-operative), Jakob Marjan (General Manager of Mlekarna Celeia) and Danica Ramšak (Koroška Co-operative)

The top three milk producers in 2011:

  • Harald Konečnik, Selovec 9, 2373 Šentjanž; 927,188 litres
  • Marko and Jasmina Močilnik, Lokovica 12, 2391 Prevalje; 519,564 litres
  • Frančišek and Jožica Rotnik, Ravne 185, 3325 Šoštanj; 506,811 litres

slovensko mleko
From left to right: Rotnik Jožica in Frančišek KZ Šaleška dolina,
Konečnik Harald in Nina Koroška KGZ, General Manager of Mlekarna Celeia,
Jakob Marjan in Močilnik Marko Koroška KGZ.

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