Care for quality

Food quality and safety

We ensure our products comply with the legislation and meet market and consumer requirements. Our efficient food safety system is based on the HACCP principles. We ensure an appropriate level of information throughout the food chain. Everyone working at Mlekarna Celeia is aware that preserving the vitality of the natural world is the duty and responsibility of every employee.
We will continue to develop natural, healthy, high-quality and tasty products – just the way our customers want them. This will pave the way to our long-term prosperity and we will continue to enjoy the company of internationally recognised, high performing, market-oriented and renowned companies. Catering to our customers’ needs and expectations is our task, with customer satisfaction being the measure of our performance.

Responsibility towards the employees

We encourage teamwork and loyalty to Mlekarna Celeia. We offer good working conditions which stimulate professionalism, creativity, innovation and education. We encourage our employees to lead a healthy and high-quality lifestyle and care for their well-being. We provide for the ongoing expert and personal growth of our employees. In practice, we pursue a policy of “open doors” as well as respectful, open and free communication in all directions.

Attitude to work

All of us who work at Mlekarna Celeia perform our work responsibly and in a high-quality manner and we are aware of how much we contribute to achievement of the Company's goals. Our work is carefully planned, guided and complies with the strategy the Company has adopted. A complete work process encompasses the appropriate planning of tasks, efficient monitoring of the achievements and defining of measures to attain the set quantifiable goals. We are well aware of the importance of our achievements in every phase of the process. We can commend and we can accept commendations. We strive for continuous improvements and progress in both business operations and our interpersonal relations.

Quality is our top product which stems from tradition and leads to success – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We can make it!

Arja vas, 17 September 2009
Marjan Jakob, General Manager 

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