Mlekarna Celeia holds the “Family-Friendly Company" certificate

Mlekarna Celeia has been taking a series of extra measures to help its employees balance their work and family life.

The reconciling of professional, family and private lives is a big challenge in modern society. This is even the case these days when increasing workloads are forcing people to spend much more time at work. We are well aware that motivated and satisfied employees also contribute to our company’s success. We have therefore carried out a number of activities to help improve employee satisfaction; moreover, Mlekarna Celeia was also awarded the full “Family-Friendly Company” certificate. Striking a good balance between work and family life is not an easy task today. That is the very reason we decided to offer our employees all of this support. There is no doubt that someone who is not burdened at work by family concerns and obligations can tackle their professional challenges more easily and efficiently.

Mlekarna Celeia boasts a tradition of over 70 years and is further upgrading it with innovation – offering its consumers high-quality fresh products made with natural Slovenian milk. To pursue our mission effectively, we encourage teamwork among our employees and offer good working conditions which stimulate professionalism, creativity, innovation and education. Continuous professional and personal growth is one of our top priorities, along with an open door policy and the fostering of respectful and affable communications.

We have integrated a range of measures into our operations to improve our work processes and the quality of our work environment. We have established a system of communication with both the employees and the public, we organise various training sessions for our employees, give New Year’s gifts to their children and much more. We have also undertaken to help our employees who struggle through life due to extraordinary family circumstances.

The employees’ satisfaction and corporate climate are monitored regularly by opinion surveys, whereas the issue of professional and family life is also discussed during our annual interviews with the employees. The feedback serves as a basis for building up mutual relationships in the company.

We are guided by the idea that winning is not always about succeeding and never failing but about never giving up and always rising back to one’s feet.

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