The “Higher quality” mark

The “Higher quality” mark certifies that the agricultural products or foodstuffs bearing this mark have specific properties (including raw material, physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic properties) are higher in quality than other agricultural products or foodstuffs of the same type. The protective mark is only awarded in Slovenia. The mark can be used after a producer has been granted a decision from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and a certificate issued by an independent control and certification organisation. If the food and products meet the criteria stipulated in the rules, regulations and strict quality standards, they are bestowed with the "Higher quality" mark that testifies to their high quality.

Cheeses bearing the "Higher quality" mark

The cheeses Edam, Trappist , Gouda, Šmarski Rok, Dolinar and Dimar that are marketed under the Zelene doline brand have received the "Higher quality" mark from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, as well as from Bureau Veritas (an international company for the certification of quality, the environment, health and safety). The key role in this certification was played by the process in which no preservatives are added.

The production of the abovementioned cheeses of higher quality is enabled by a special milk processing procedure. Due to the thorough processing of the milk, pasteurisation and mechanical elimination of bacteria and spores from the milk, the cheeses have a longer shelf life, are better in quality and without preservatives that are otherwise allowed by law. Moreover, their quality is also guaranteed by the fact that the milk is exclusively Slovenian in origin and is produced without any genetically modified organisms.

Nowadays we are striving to improve our nutrition and balance our diet. We place a greater emphasis on the origin of a product and its ingredients. Our trust in local knowledge and products is increasingly valued.

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